A panoramic pen and ink illustration of people cooking and eating in St. Louis, Missouri. By Brian Williamson.
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September 1, 2011

A panoramic look at food in St. Louis

I created this simple 8-foot long, accordion fold drawing about food in St. Louis for FoodStock, a 2011 exhibition at Mad Art Gallery.

You can scroll across the entire panoramic illustration, from backyard barbecues to food trucks to fine dining and bars. I wanted to create an image that worked for individual pages, spreads and also when it was unfolded to different lengths.

Photo of the accordion-fold book.

I started off experimenting with gouache and a limited color palette. But eventually I decided to draw the line art scenes directly in a Moleskine Japanese album. Rather than sticking with one perspective system for the entire image, I varied and twisted the perspective between spreads.