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Metro sketchbook

A year of surreptitiously drawing people on the Red Line.

comics portfolio

A series of comic book panels. A charcoal portrait of a poacher inset inside of a drawing of an elephant.

Poacher’s regret: Inside the bloody hunt for elephants

Poaching has hit Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve hard. Over a decade, nearly two-thirds of the preserve’s savannah elephants were lost, most for their ivory.

interactive portfolio

A screenshot of a data visualization showing federal terrorism prosecutions as a series of colored squares.

Explore the history of federal terrorism prosecutions since 9/11

The Justice Department and FBI have prosecuted more than 800 terrorism-related cases since the 9/11 terror attacks. More than a third of the cases involved the use of informants.

design portfolio

Men standing against a horizon of burning oil fields.

Mosul: What’s next after the Islamic State?

Will the Iraqi government do any better in the aftermath of victory than its foes, or will another extremist force – be it tribal, ethnic, or sectarian – once again gain the upper hand. This collection of stories profiles the people who lived under the Islamic State, the battle to reclaim Mosul and looks ahead to the future.

illustration portfolio

Collaged illustration of a drill used for collecting ice core samples, with an inset portrait of scientist Willi Dandsgaard.

Greenland is melting

The front lines of climate change run through the rapidly warming Arctic. The changes taking place on this faraway, frozen island will be felt much closer to home. Meet the scientists looking for clues of what to expect from a warming world.

video portfolio

Africa Rizing: Rising sea levels threaten Africa's coasts

Senegalese professor Bamol Ali Sow explains how climate change is causing rising sea levels along Africa’s coasts.