Created a comic strip introduction for an article explaining the challenges of actually following a paleo diet.

The intro text used in the comic strip:

“Ancient people had to hunt for their food. Modern people only have to hunt for their favorite TV shows.

“Finally, here’s a doctor-approved way to eat all you want of what you want - juicy, grilled ribs, rare steaks and other greasy, fun food.

“Here’s the recipe:

“Track the animal you want to eat for two days, run it down, wrestle it to the ground and stab it to death.

“Next, while fighting off predators who want to take the carcass away from you, gut it and tie it to a pole. Then you and a friend carry it home - which could be three days away.

“The hungry people in the village will gladly grill it for you while you tell mythic tales of the hunt. Then, eat all you want - remembering that you must share most of it with those who didn’t hunt - while you also eat nuts, roots and other food foraged during your absence. Drink water from the stream or tea made from the local grass.”

—Harry Jackson Jr. | St. Louis Post-Dispatch