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Metro sketchbook

A year of surreptitiously drawing people on the Red Line.

interactive portfolio

More Muslims running (and winning) in US elections

In the 2018 midterm elections, some Muslim Americans saw an opportunity to push back on anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies such as the travel ban, viewed by many as discriminatory. Now, the first two Muslim women ever are headed to Congress.

comics portfolio

A series of comic book panels. A charcoal portrait of a poacher inset inside of a drawing of an elephant.

Poacher’s regret: Inside the bloody hunt for elephants

Poaching has hit Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve hard. Over a decade, nearly two-thirds of the preserve’s savannah elephants were lost, most for their ivory.

design portfolio

Key events in the Mueller investigation

Robert Mueller’s investigation has turned up extensive evidence of Russian meddling during the 2016 election. Explore the indictments and possible connections between Trump associates and Russian interference.

illustration portfolio

Illustration of a wife of an ISIS fighter standing trial in Iraq for supporting Islamic State.

Foreign wives of ISIS fighters sentenced to death in Iraq

The condemned women are among 560 foreign wives of IS fighters in Iraq. With the women in detention are 900 children. The fathers are all dead, missing or are captured accused militants.

video portfolio

Using ice cores to understand climate change

During the 1950s, Danish scientist Willi Dansgaard discovered that rain carries a record of the temperature at which it fell. Dansgaard realized he could read temperatures deep into the past by studying the chemical makeup of ice core samples.